About Gabrielli

Gabrielli has dedicated herself to making a difference in people’s lives. Since she could walk Gabrielli sought out people, and connections to younger children, and by the time she was 12 was babysitting in her community.  In 1987, she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling and began her career as a counselor and continued into a decade of work as a Clinical Social Worker prior to the birth of her son, Selah, in 1996. With his birth, Gabrielli became passionate to serve as a resource to mothers and parents on the journey of child-raising.  In 2001, she co-founded MotherWoman, Inc, a non-profit organization that supports and empowers mothers to create personal and social change.

In 2001, Gabrielli faced her own personal challenges with a diagnosis of breast cancer. This further fueled her desire to ignite healing on any and every level possible. Her commitment to unpack this intense and powerful interface of body, being, soul, and spirit became even more profound. Gabrielli established a full time private practice in healing in 2003.

By 2008, clients were so inspired by their personal results that they began asking to learn what Gabrielli was doing. Was it possible to teach the magic of healing that occurred in these private sessions? In 2010, with the support and co-leadership of friend and colleague, Lori Friedman, the Infinity Healing School was founded. There are now Infinity School training programs in California, New York and Amherst, MA.

What does Gabrielli offer?
As both a teacher and a soulful intuitive, Gabrielli is devoted to helping her clients cultivate inner strength, increase consciousness, and develop tools and resources for personal growth and success. Through presentations, consultations, and private sessions, Gabrielli’s unique ability to provide healing and transformation on many levels, has brought life changing results to individuals, families, and schools.

Using her own unique blend of intuition, energetic healing, and neural science techniques, Gabrielli guides client’s on a journey to discover their essence and access their own knowing to help heal a range of issues, from physical pain to emotional wounds. Gabrielli’s approach addresses all levels of healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes, and provides her clients with lasting healing.

Gabrielli offers strategies and experiential opportunities to release limiting thoughts, habits, points of view, and health issues. She applies and teaches a variety of healing modalities to shift energy blocks, generate positive change, and shift the way you see yourself and others. Gabrielli is a living example of how someone can change their life to include more health, joy, ease and abundance. She healed herself of breast cancer, changed her son’s diagnoses of severe ADD/ADHD, and overcame other intense emotional/physical heath challenges.

What are the teachings based in?
Gabrielli’s teachings are based in neural science, energy medicine, profound intuition, and a rich and complex pursuit to follow the organic nature of healing. Through her years of training with many master teachers and her own discoveries, she created the Infinity Healing Practice. How do the issues of the heart and mind interface with the body? How does the soul communicate?  This practice aims to ignite wholeness in its journey to restore one’s natural ability to heal on every level. This body of knowledge is influenced by Applied Kinesiology, The Nurtured Heart Approach, Neural Organizational Technique, and shamanic modalities and consists of channeling, energy clearing, tools to increase consciousness and activates knowing and the wisdom of the mind, body, heart, spirit and soul to heal on a cellular level.

What are the benefits?
Are you ready for a paradigm shift?
Gabrielli challenges perspectives on healing and thinking. Her intuitive gift generates a safe space to explore the edges of your consciousness as you stretch into new awareness and possibilities. Clients feel liberated from old creations, have new perspective and hope, and establish grooves within their mind and heart for seeking this increased level of consciousness on their own. This liberation increases vitality and health, and offers possibilities that were previously unseen. Gabrielli’s combines this with neural science techniques that directly aid in strengthening the immune system, the digestive system, and aiding with depression, anxiety and other physical/mental/spiritual ailments. Her work enables people to live more freely and consciously while assisting to clear the obstacles that have been in the way of discovering and manifesting one’s true heart’s desires.