Private Sessions

Are you looking to have a greater connection to your body and expand your consciousness?

Have you sought relief from anxiety or depression, but haven’t found a solution that truly works for you?

Do you have a chronic illness or injury that hasn’t healed through traditional methods?

An Infinity Healing session directly aids in increased health and vitality, addressing diverse issues such as strengthening the immune system, the digestive system, and aiding with depression, anxiety and other physical/mental/spiritual ailments. The Infinity practice enables people to live more freely and consciously while clearing the obstacles that are in the way of discovering and manifesting one’s true heart’s desires.

Be prepared to be surprised.

An Infinity Healing session can go in many different directions, addressing issues on multiple levels including the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and/or energetic planes. Infinity practitioners are trained to follow your body on the journey to discover what it truly needs. We trust in your body’s wisdom to guide us.

Schedule a private Infinity Healing session today with Gabrielli LaChiara or Lori Friedman and give yourself the gift of being more easeful in your body. Shift your reality more than you ever thought possible!

Gabrielli LaChiara
Gabrielli’s psychic skills and interpersonal style offer clarity, warmth, and ease to each moment. Each private session is individually tailored and can be inclusive to couples, families, and even friends. Be surprised, awakened and received in this healing experience, rich for birthing spontaneous changes and shifts in consciousness; body, mind and spirit.

Lori Friedman
Experience an Infinity Healing session with Lori Friedman, guided through applied kinesiology. Lori will lead you into a deeper understanding of your own unique emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and survival patterns. Lori’s warmth and presence create a safe and easeful container for clients to stretch into greater awareness and change.

Infinity Practitioners
Infinity Practitioners are immersed in the Infinity Healing Practice through the Infinity Healing Training Program. Once these Practitioners have completed at least 2 full years of training they participate in facilitating healing sessions offered at the Infinity Healing Clinic, supervised by both Lori and Gabrielli. Some of these practitioners also offer private sessions. To schedule a session with one of them please contact us at