Now in its 20th year, the Nurtured Heart Approach®, created by Howard Glasser, Psychologist and Executive Director of the Children’s Success Foundation, has achieved international acclaim as an essential set of strategies for transforming the most intense children (and all children) by channeling their energies in inspiring ways – without the use of medication.

The approach began as a method for treating children labeled as challenging, difficult, or intense – especially those with diagnoses such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Autism, PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and more. The approach is now used successfully in schools, foster-care systems, and communities worldwide to help all children flourish.

The approach is simple: “Three Stands,” practiced with love, form the core methodology. With resources such as the groundbreaking bestseller, Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach®, online courses, and certification trainings, we hope to show you how you can take steps toward shifting negative behavior and inspiring thriving relationships, not only with the children you care for, but with all the people in your life.

A beautiful letter from a transformed mother:

Hi Gabrielli,

I want to share with you my experience with transformation as a result of your class “Nurtured Heart Approach [NHA] for Parents & Teachers.” I’ve been a frustrated parent for awhile; I felt my son was oppositional and I just couldn’t seem to get a handle on it. My husband, who grew up with lots of yelling in the house, thought everything was “normal”; yet I felt there had to be a better way. I was lamenting about this to a colleague, that in fact our mornings had become unpleasant routines that neither of us enjoyed, rooting our days in conflict, sometimes making us late, and would be taken up again at the bedtime routine. Not just that but my son was diagnosed ADD, with possible speech problems, and appeared to have fine motor coordination problems in his right hand as well as being way behind in his reading skillls. I just had to get a better handle on my son’s development.

I had not heard of NHA, but was encouraged by a colleague to learn more about it by taking this class. I visited your website and was intrigued, although it sounded a bit like New Age thinking (which appeals to me on one level but does not necessarily have practical applications). Fortunately, the universe cleared a path for me and I was able to create space for this class in my life. After the first class I was able to apply the principles of NHA. After the second class, I was able to refine my techniques. Classes 3 & 4 further deepened my understanding.

Recently, I showed up to my son’s class for my usual volunteer time. My son seemed to be focused on his work (yes, this is unusual). After the class, the teacher sat down with me and said “I just have to tell you, I don’t know what’s changed, but your son has been on fire these past few weeks. He is paying attention, he’s raising his hand and his reading has improved.” I felt like jumping up and down, because I knew exactly what had changed – ME! My approach to parenting. I learned how to not feed into “primal brain” tendencies, to make emotional space for my son, to believe in his greatness. As a result, I empower, I coach, and I do not reward temper tantrums with my attention. The turn around is magic. He is getting himself ready in the mornings, taking responsibility for his time, helping me with chores and just being a joy. We’re not perfect, but we are experiencing joy.

Thanks Gabrielli, for making this real for our family!


“Parenting has been the most rewarding and life-inspiring journey that I have ever experienced. The challenges have required me to change myself, my life, my perspective and therefore my work. My son, just by being born, has changed the lives of thousands of people with his influence on me. For the unbelievable love of this now 15 year old boy I have been willing in ways that I never was before to transform everything, excavate my soul, and seek the highest form of awareness possible. Through the pain I grew. I give thanks every day for my son Selah, for me, and for our life together.” Gabrielli