The Nurtured Heart Approach™ (NHA) is profoundly changing people’s lives everywhere. Hundreds of schools all over the world are reducing truancy, increasing academic scores, decreasing disciplinary and special education referrals, and more.

Originally designed for the “difficult” child, the NHA is transformative with children who are diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, OCD, Spectrum Disorders, etc. The exciting news is this – the NHA is not limited to these children and more profoundly, all children everywhere are now benefitting from this amazing new paradigm in parenting and education.

The NHA is more than a behavioral management tool – it is real relationship at the most profound levels. Children quickly learn to believe in themselves and build confidence in the successes that flow from fully investing intensity, intelligence and life force into positive action.

Most methods are designed for the average child and are not powerful enough to have transformative effects on children with behaviors involving opposition, defiance or an inability to manage strong impulses or emotions. The NHA knows that our most intense children are the catalysts for positive change that we have been waiting for. With the NHA, parenting and teaching become inspiring and fulfilling, our deepest intentions become activated and our lives take on more meaning. What more could we ask for?

Gabrielli has been a lead facilitator at the NHA Advanced Trainings with Howard Glasser. She consults with schools, families, and organizations all over the Nation in training, use and implementation of the NHA.