Kwan Yin Registration

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Kwan Yin Channeling Gathering

Friday, December 11th: 7p – 9:30p

Please join us for an evening of exploration and enlightenment. Gabrielli LaChiara is a talented healer and founder of the Infinity Healing Practice, which combines energy healing and neural-science. She will use her gift of channeling to offer insights and answer your questions. Over ten years ago, Gabrielli began channeling the teachings of the Goddess of Compassion, Kwan Yin. She uses this unique ability in her private practice upon request, and on special occasions for group gatherings. The teachings are both universal and personal. This is an exciting opportunity–come with questions and an open heart. We’ll begin with a brief check-in followed by a focused channeling based on the specific needs of the group, with the additional opportunity to ask personal questions.

Location: Oakland, CA