CHANGE IS POSSIBLE: Discovering Who You Truly Be, Portland, ME

01/30/16 – 01/30/16

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What healing is possible when we step into more consciousness together? This day-long workshop is fully facilitated utilizing the teachings and activations of the Infinity Healing Practice. Gabrielli will lead us on a journey, a dynamic uncovering and enlivening of embodiment and what it means to live a life that is purely your own, without taking on other people’s energy. You will learn useful tools that you can use in your daily life for greater ease, connection and joy.
In this safe and sacred container you will be given an opportunity to delve deeply into aspects of identity and energy as you discover who you truly be. You will come away with a greater understanding of the body’s communication patterns, energy, and empathic abilities. Leave with deeper insight into your body’s natural gifts, how to be an empath safely, as well as some concrete tools to further your own healing and embodiment.
Price is $120-$220 (Sliding Scale) We will never turn someone away because of cost- SCHOLARSHIP AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
Please contact Chloe for more information if needed:
THERE IS LIMITED SPACE so if you are interested, register now!