The Primal Brain: Gateway to the Soul

By Laura Miller

One of the terms you will hear in the Infinity Healing Practice is “primal brain.” Like other animals, humans have a “reptilian” or primal brain, the first region of the brain to develop, the one most geared toward survival.

If a physical safety issue is present, the primal brain engages in a posture of fight/flight/freeze. But sometimes the primal brain may get arrested in a protective posture even if there is no threat imminent, most often because of a perceived threat to the Soul’s expression.

You see, in addition to its mundane functions of protection and food seeking, we hold that the primal brain must also work as a soul access point. It is the very place we become embodied, the first charge and visitation point of our soul when we come to life! After all, if this region of the brain is so invested in keeping us alive, it stands to reason that it must know what we are living for. As one of the first terms of our embodiment, it must know why our embodiment is.

However, when the primal brain gets locked into old survival patterns, these patterns block and burn away the energy that it could be using for its more exalted purpose.

For instance, if the primal brain perceives a threat, but the threat is not resolved, the primal brain thinks the threat is still happening. The primal brain then creates a groove of habit—think of the samskaras of Yogic tradition—that becomes a circuit operating on many different levels of being, having to do with core issues such as love, validation, abandonment, and safety.

Some of these circuits, these strategies for survival, can become hidden so deep that we don’t even know they are operating. Present on a neurological level, they can sometimes be seen as manifest physical symptoms: a clenched jaw, or one leg shorter than the other because it is jacked into its socket, ready to run! This obsolete programming creates a tremendous drain on our energy and can influence and inhibit the entire way we interact with the world.

The objective of the Infinity Healing Practice with regards to the primal brain is to bring completion to the survival issue, clear the obsolete programming, and replace it with new programming that has an exalted trajectory of joy and glory.

We can communicate with the primal brain through the body through applied kinesiology, also known as muscle response testing. On the soul level, and the perceptive level of senses that we may have forgotten we have, our body already has all the information it needs to know. Muscle testing is a way to bypass the “frontal” brain—the rational, talking, egoic brain that is often very attached to its stories—and communicate with the older, deeper brain in a way that is truthful. Think of this as using the muscle structure and intrinsic knowing of the body to do an end run around the frontal brain!

What we do in Infinity Healing is find the issue, and then ask the brain to put closure on the issue. We bring completion to the issue through a conversation with the deep brain, that this old way of doing things is no longer safe, and that the new way is in fact safer.

When the primal brain has organized around a threat, the medulla oblongata will hold breath in or out. Infinity Healing focuses diagnoses on the atlas points on both sides of the head to locate and clear old programming and make way for positive change and healing, re-patterning the brain, and thereby preparing the stage for the next stages of personal growth and consciousness.

The evidence this is working comes through the way we live our lives, and that is what gets the new programming to stick. When our instincts are not fueling something unnecessary, they are freed up to serve our higher purpose, our joy and glory!

This teaching woke Gabrielli up one night in the years during her recovery from cancer. She realized that if the primal brain is motivating us to stay alive, it is also teaching us how to live. The primal brain has ways of communicating to us what our soul both does not and does want, and igniting us to make choices! It can help us answer: What do I really want? What is the purpose of living? What am I alive FOR? What does my soul want to communicate with me?

The breath of the primal brain is the breath of the soul to the body. All Infinity Healing practice work is both practical and ultimately shamanic, energetic, concerned with what is going on in the world behind the world.

If we can release unnecessary primal brain survival programming and catalyze the process whereby the primal brain is free to be in constant, easeful pursuit of our real life purpose, which is glory, there is no limit to the joy that is possible in our lives.