Infinity Healing Old

Relief and Clarity

Gabrielli specializes in creating harmony within systems and families while re-balancing power dynamics. Her practice is devoted to helping people cultivate inner strength, increase consciousness and develop tools and resources for personal growth and success. The enthusiasm and wisdom she provides is profoundly transformative on every level!

Gabrielli’s intuitive style and perceptive ability sifts through years of emotional wounds that have left you feeling stuck and confused in your life. She guides you through the maze of psychic layers to bring you to emotional relief and clarity.

Dissolve your feelings of anxiety, depression, anger or fear. Come receive her transformational healing and discover your greatest potential. You will be amazed at the level of personal freedom, support and wisdom you will find through this process.


Private Sessions
Sessions are scheduled in person or by phone. Each session is individually tailored and can be inclusive to couples, families, and even friends. Individuals will receive spiritual guidance, intuitive counsel, channeling, energy clearing and/or visualizations. Gabrielli’s psychic skills and interpersonal style offer clarity, warmth and ease to each moment.

Group Healing Sessions
The group healing/clearing session creates an environment where we can learn more deeply about who we are. It’s a time for receiving & giving. I will use different energetic healing techniques, shaman healing, energetic clearing, channeling etc… as well as teach through experience. Everyone will participate, and everyone will also receive individualized attention within the group. You will come away with a stronger sense of your own strengths & clarity about your healing.

I believe that we are powerful agents of healing and change. These groups are intended to aid in intuitive development as well as to provide a place to feel deeply connected to others.