Infinity Healing School Introductory Year

2018 – 2019

Welcome to the Infinity Healing School! Thank you so much for choosing to support your Self, your life, and the world by choosing Infinity Healing! Every time you get lighter you raise the possibilities for all of existence! How amazing is that? We look forward to beginning our journey together!

Year 1 – Introduction
The first year of Infinity Healing School, Introduction, teaches the underpinnings of the Infinity Healing Practice. The training is a combination of exercises and tools that develop insight, awareness, and perception, as well as practices and protocols that are designed to cultivate pathways for healing in the body. Students participate in both individual exercises and group experiences that clear energy, activate healing, re-pattern survival strategies, increase perception, and engage empathic abilities.

Through the use of hands-on bodywork students learn how to release trauma patterns, align chakras, and more. Practitioners learn fundamental tools that build their ability to gather valuable information required to help bring healing to a session. This includes the important art of listening and allowing your client’s needs to lead their session. All practitioners learn the basic concepts of Applied Kinesiology, Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.), and Infinity Activations and Healings.

No previous training in any healing modality is required or expected. All humans have an inherent healing capacity that will be cultivated in a safe, supportive, loving, patient community. The only requisite is an open mind and open heart, and a desire to learn and experience more of life and living.

Training Content

  • Understanding and working with the survival or primal brain and its functions for survival, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually;
  • Neural Organization Technique as it addresses survival and immune functions;
  • energetic clearings;
  • exercises to increase intuition, perception, and awareness;
  • self-healing protocols to address anxiety and depression;
  • chakra clearings;
  • exercises to focus attention and will;
  • activating cellular divinity;
  • shamanic journeying;
  • and more!

Training Program Details: 

New This Year!!  Two Options for Training: One-Week Immersion Retreat Option & Monthly-Meeting Option

Option 1: One-Week Immersion Retreat Includes:

  • 8-day Training with Lodging & Meals
  • Weekly Mentor Calls with an Advanced Infinity Healing Practitioner
  • Monthly Video Training Sessions with Gabrielli
  • 4-week Teleclass
  • 2 Night- 3 Day Infinity Healing Retreat, June 2019
  • Date: October 28th – November 4th, 2018

Option 2: Monthly Training Includes:

  • Understanding the Primal Brain Workshop
  • Monthly 7-hour Training Meetings
  • 3 Practitioner-led Practice Days
  • 3 One-on-One Infinity healing sessions with Advanced Infinity Healing Practitioners
  • 4-Week Teleclass
  • 2-Night/3-Day Infinity Healing Public Retreat

For more information about the Infinity Healing School, please contact Gabrielli at