Gabrielli LaChiara

Creator & Leader
The Infinity Healing Practice

Gabrielli_NewGabrielli’s psychic skills and interpersonal style offer clarity, warmth and ease to each moment. Each private session is individually tailored and can be inclusive to couples, families, and even friends.

Gabrielli’s work directly aids in increased health and vitality such as strengthening the immune system, the digestive system, and aiding with depression, anxiety and other physical/mental/spiritual ailments. Her work enables people to live more freely and consciously while assisting to clear the obstacles that have been in the way of discovering and manifesting one’s true heart’s desires.

Sessions are scheduled in person or by phone. For more information, or to schedule a session, contact Gabrielli at

“I feel very calm and very present in the moment. Friends commented that there seemed something different about me without me even saying anything. They said…more calm, more peaceful, more ease. For me it feels like all that static electricity is gone and grounded… a much deeper relaxation on all levels. Also I notice my integrity is different. I really speak my truth as it happens without the fear that would stop me in the past from speaking it fully. kind of just matter of factly……that feels really great inside of me. I look so forward to seeing the unfolding of myself with my soul line connected.

Thank you sooo much for midwifing us all into more of us. It’s really the greatest gift on earth.”