Infinity Healing School

Are you one of the wonderful beings on this planet contributing to making a difference in other people’s lives? Are you interested in learning how to raise consciousness while you care for others?

Join the Infinity Healing School and learn specific tools for shifting energy and generating positive change within yourself and others. Develop your intuitive abilities, energize those you work with, and create greater possibilities in all realms of your life.

If you are determined to live your life more fully, with greater ease and awareness then this is an incredible opportunity to awaken your intuition, engage your knowing, and heal on every level. The Infinity Healing School is an incredible opportunity for personal growth.  Many who attend do so just to forward their own health, vitality, abundance, and healing. For others, the Infinity Healing Practice becomes part of their life as a practitioner, healer, body worker, counselor, or therapist. The tools you learn are a beautiful blend of practical and mystical strategies and teachings that offer a new paradigm for living that can be applied to everyday life.

Beginning with the Introductory Year Training, you will become part of our Infinity Community. Trainees can continue deepening their practice and expanding their skills the following year as part of our Empowerment Training Group, and beyond as part of our Groundbreakers Team. Our programs are facilitated in-person and include 8 full days of instruction plus a two-day retreat. Programs are currently established in Amherst, Massachusetts, Oakland, California, and in New Paltz, New York. We also offer single day trainings on specific topics, healing retreats, teleclasses, and clinic sessions. Please see our events page for upcoming program dates.

All trainings are co-facilitated by Gabrielli LaChiara and Lori Friedman. Together, Gabrielli and Lori provide a safe, supportive, and inspired environment for healing and learning. The trainings are magical, and yet practical, and user-friendly. Co-leadership offers ample support and assistance at every training and allows practitioners to see multiple ways of approaching the tools at hand.